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MO Disk/Drive Compatibility Charts


MO Disk Facts - What you need to know

If you are currently using one capacity of magneto optical disk - it is best to order the same size. **unless you are certain that your drive can handle a larger capacity.

  • Magneto Optical Disks are commonly referred to as MOD, MO disks, and Optical Disks
  • Both disk and disc are common spellings when referring to optical media
  • Capacity refers to the amount of data that may be stored on an MO disk
  • There are two physical sizes of MO disks: 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch
  • 2.3GB magneto optical disk is the most common capacity; and come in both 3.5” and 5.25” physical sizes
  • 5.25 inch magneto optical disks can be either WORM (write once read many) or RW (rewritable)
  • MO disks are manufactured to ISO specifications

MO Drive Facts

  • Pioneer is the only magneto optical drive manufacturer that utilizes a proprietary format. If you have a Pioneer drive you will need to purchase Pioneer MO disks
  • The capacity of disk that you can use is determined by the drive.
  • MO drives are backward compatible
  • When replacing a legacy drive it is considered best practice to match both the drive and firmware

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MO Drive Compatibility

Save Time: Make sure you order the right disks for your MO drive...
Remember, you can't just use any ol disk with your MO Drive. Check out our MO Disk/Drive Compatibility Chart to see which MO disks you should be ordering.
3.5 inch Drive Compatibility
5.25 inch Drive Compatibility